GarudaToken (GARUDA)
Garuda is the king of all birds that famous for its super speed in the sky, our token will grow as fast as the speed of the Garuda.
GarudaToken Logo

Basic Information

Transfer Tax

    Burn Rate: 0.96% 4% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
    Automatic Liquidity Rate: 7.04% 4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.
    Total Transfer Tax Rate: 8% of every transfer

Emission Rate

    100 50 GARUDA / block
    Will be reduced to 75 GARUDA / block then 50 and so on, when TVL is big enough
    2,880,000 1,440,000 GARUDA / day when start farming
    9.09% to the dev team to ensure essential growth of the project
Last modified 4mo ago